Village Square of Delafield | Unit 3059

Fast Facts

Village Square of Delafield Unit 30593059 Village Square Drive Delafield, WI 53029     1,544 Square Feet      (1) Open Space   (2) Walk-In Cooler (1) Kitchen (2) Restroom    Electric Meter: PNXZT25716 Gas Meter: 01751013 House Water Meter: 32342408HVAC Information   Manufacturer: CARRIER Model: 48TFE006-A-511HQ Serial: 0507G20216 Tonnage: 5 Year: 2007Manufacturer: TRANE  Model: YSC036A3EHA006M Serial: 802101126L Tonnage: 3 Year: 2008

Exterior Photos


Electric Meter

Gas Meter

Fire Extinguisher

Grease Trap

Water Heater

Service Panel 1

Water Meter