Boronda Plaza Unit Z00C3

Fast Facts

Boronda Plaza Unit Z00C31598 N. Sanborn Road, Suite C Salinas, CA 939051,973 Square Feet(1) Open Space (1) Hallway (1) Private Office (1) Unisex RestroomElectric Meter: 1009938465* Electric Meter: 1009938466* Gas Meter: N/A* Water Meter (House): 03C100031 *Meters are in the verification process and will be updated upon completionHVAC Information: Unit: Manufacturer: CARRIER Model: 50HJQ008- - -521- - Serial: 4505G20829 Tonnage: 7.5 Year: 2005

Exterior Photos

Water Meter

Electric Meter



Service Panel 1

Service Panel 2

Water Heater